Automotive detailers, sealants, adhesives & accessories

Whether you're a professional mechanic or avid car enthusiast, we have a full range of detailing, sealants, adhesives and accessories developed for automotive industry. Product range includes Magic Mix, Fastshine, All-In-One Silicone, Hylomar and loads more.

Detailing products

Dubbed the "Lazy Man's Polish", the complete range of Magic Mix® detailing products will help keep your motors looking as new.

FASTSHINE® is a multipurpose cleaner/detailer that delivers a quick, professional shine to a variety of surfaces.

Its spray-on, wipe-off shine is ideal for automotive detailing. 

Phase2™is a heavy-duty detailer designed not to replace conventional detailers, but to go a step beyond to remove oil, grease and other foreign

Sealants & adhesives

Valco's premium RTV All-In-One Silicone is the only sealant you'll need for all your engine sealing jobs.

Epoxi·Putty™ is a kneadable product that mixes like putty, bonds like epoxy and hardens like steel. 

Hylomar was originally developed by Rolls Royce, where it performed under the most stringent aerospace tolerances, Hylomar brings superior qualities to automotive applications.


A Boltcoater™ unit reduces the labour-intensive task of coating bolts or brushing sealants onto threads.

Valco's patented TUBE-GRIP greatly improves the handling and dispensing of any material packed in a flexible tube.

Up-Tite Securing System eliminates problems with loose cargo and is perfect for the sides and floors of utilities and trailers.