Hand-held & pneumatic sealant dispensers

Valco's BOLTCOATERS are designed to dispense Hylomar or similar materials right out of the container. A BOLTCOATER unit reduces the labour-intensive task of coating bolts or brushing sealant onto threads.  Each unit quickly applies a clean, even coating of the material directly onto threads.  The closed system design reduces mess and exposer to fumes.

The Hand-Held BOLTCOATER dispenses material through a special applicator head.  Utilizing Valco's Tube-Grip, one 100-gram tube of Hylomar coats approximately 300 7/16" cylinder head bolts at a rate of one bolt every three to four seconds.  Results may vary depending on bolt size and amount of material dispensed per bolt.

The Tube-Grip®

Dispenser for flexible tubes

The Tube-Grip® is an innovative tool designed to accurately dispense materials from flexible tubes. As you know, squeezing anything out of a tube by hand can be difficult and messy. The Tube-Grip® eliminates these problems. It enables you to dispense the thickest sealants through ver small openings which gives you much more control over rate amount of material that you dispense, and where you apply it.

Up-Tite Securing System™

The Up-Tite Securing System™ eliminates problems with loose cargo. 

The patented Up-Tite Securing Sytem is designed for use in any application requiring a tie-down point to prevent loose cargo.  The Up-Tite works great when attached to the side rails or floors of utilities and pick-up trucks.  Convenient for any application, it can also be easily mounted in trailers and vans. 

Up-Tite safety secures a variety of cargo utilizing universal hooks and movable slides that lock into place every six inches(15cm).  The rail system permits a variety of tie-down positions.  The Up-Tite universal hook provide 1000 lbs. of flexible holding strength.  Fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminium extrusions, the system is anodized for corrosion-resistant protection.