Magic Mix®


Just about every polish delivers a shine, but how hard do you work at achieving that shine? With Magic Mix Metal Polish®, less work is require to achieve an even better shine. Some say polishing time is reduced up to 80% - that's why it's been

                                                 dubbed "The Lazy Man's Polish®".

 Less Work, Better Shine

Magic Mix Metal Polish® delivers shine and protection to aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, gold silver, copper, brass and magnesium. Other paste-type polishes only permit small areas to be shined at once. They cannot be allowed to dry. If allowed to dry, the polish becomes very difficult to remove. But with Magic Mix Metal Polish® , users can polish an entire surface, allow it to dry and simply dust it off. What's left is a beautiful shine without the repetitive rub-on, while-off exercise required by other polishes. For tough oxidation and stains, the metal surface should be cleaned and pre-treated with Magic Mix Metal Prep/Cleaner® , which makes using any polish less labour intensive, while delivering better results. 

Magic Mix® Metal Polish

Magic Mix® Metal Prep/Cleaner

Magic Mix® Metal Polish & Prep/Cleaner set

Magic Mix® Body Wax

Magic Mix® Aluminium Polishing Spray

Magic Mix® Speed Wax

Magic Mix® Aluminium Brightener

Magic Mix® Rough Surface Polishing Kit




A light cleaner for a quick, professional shine!

 is a multipurpose cleaner/detailer that delivers a quick, professional shine to a variety of surfaces. Its spray-on, wipe-off shine is ideal for automotive detailing. But FASTSHINE® is a more than just a detailer.

FASTSHINE® can be sprayed directly onto any hot surface, even in direct sunlight - making it especially effective on tough fingerprints, water spots, bird droppings, bugs, dust and light dirt. FASTSHINE® won't streak or leave a residue, contains no perfumes or dyes, and is perfect for today's clear-coat painted cars.

FASTSHINE® works great on painted surfaces, fiberglass, plexiglass, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, rubber, vinyl and glass. Its versatility makes it ideal for race cars, show cars, trucks, motorcycles or any vehicle in need of a radiant shine. Just spray on and wipe off with a soft, lint-free cloth. The average user can do an entire car in just a few minutes. FASTSHINE® is body shop safe.


(contains no wax)


Phase 2 Cleaner/Detailer

Phase 2

Special Use Detailer


Phase2™is a heavy-duty detailer designed not to replace conventional detailers, but to go a step beyond to remove oil, grease and other foreign substances. 

Ideal for tough, hard-to-remove applications, Phase2™'s uses are limited only by your imagination. It cleans and protects rubber, vinyl, anodized aluminium, paint, fibreglass, lexan and more.

Applications include but are not limited to wheel/fender wells, radiator hoses, valve covers, motorcycle seats (won't leave them slick), engine components, tools, tool boxes, tonneau covers, hubcaps, frames, firewalls, air cleaners, molding, vinyl tops, tires (doesn't "yellow" white walls or lettering), underside of hoods, and lawn and garden equipment.

Phase2™ is especially effective at removing brake dust from wheels. It also cleans oil and grime off of shop and trailer floors. For racers, Phase2™ easily removes oil blow-by (even synthetic) from painted surfaces and windshields.