Sealants & adhesives

All-In-One Silicone

Relax!  Valco's premium grade RTV Silicone is the only sealant you'll need for all your engine sealing jobs. You don't need to buy an complicated assortment of specialised sealants to do every one of your engine sealing jobs. Valco has simplified their silicone product line to one premium grade RTV Silicone that does it all!

All-in-One Silicone sealant offers the these superior qualities:

  • High Temperature - Range -80°F (-62°C) to 600°F (315°C) 
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Low Volatility

Choose between aluminium, black & clear silicone in either 3oz tubes or 3oz tubes. 


Also available 11oz cartridges.

All-In-One Silicone

3oz tube

All-In-One Silicone

11oz cartridge


Anti-Seize is a versatile, durable compound with outstanding anti-corrosive, rust resistant, water repellant and adhesive properties. Trusted in the industry, Anti-Seize is renowned for its versatility, ability to withstand high temperatures, high torque and durability in the most difficult of applications. Anti-Seize prevents seizing and galling when applied to threaded connections, even when subject to temperatures above 2000º F. It permits easy dismantling after long periods of service - saving time, maintenance costs and possible damage to expensive equipment.

By reducing wrench torque, Anti-Seize eases assembly and disassembly. Best of all, its multipurpose properties allow it to replace a wide variety of other products. Its smooth, even texture and adhesive qualities make it easy to apply. 


Environmentally friendly, Non-Metallic Anti-Seize contains no copper, lead, nickel, zinc or other metals. Non-Metallic Anti-Seize can safely be used on all types of metals including stainless steel and other sensitive alloys where copper is prohibited. 


Copper Anti-Seize is recommended for use on carbon steel.






Hand-Held & Pneumatic Dispensers

Valco BOLTCOATERS™ are designed to dispense Hylomar® or similar materials right out of the container. A BOLTCOATER unit reduces the labor-intensive task of coating bolts or brushing sealant onto threads. Each unit quickly applies a clean, even coating of material directly onto bolt threads. The closed system design reduces mess and exposure to fumes.

Applicator heads for both the Hand-Held and Pneumatic BOLTCOATERS™ are available for several standard and specialty bolt sizes. Applicator heads are easily changed - simply unscrew one applicator head and attach another.


The Hand-Held BOLTCOATERS™ dispenses material through a special applicator head.

Utilizing Valco's Tube Grip™ one 100-gram tube of Hylomar coats approximately 300 7/16" cylinder head bolts at a rate of one bolt every three to four seconds. Results vary with bolt size and amount dispensed per bolt.


Steel Reinforced Putty

Before you throw that broken part away, take a look at Valco's Epoxi·Putty™.


Epoxi·Putty™ is a kneadable product that mixes like putty, bonds like epoxy and hardens like steel. It is extremely tough and durable and adheres to a wide range of metals as well as PVC, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass, glass and wood.


Epoxi·Putty™ sets up under water and is impervious to chemicals. After one hour, it can be drilled, tapped, filed and machined.  Cured Epoxi·Putty™ withstands temperatures up to 500º F.


Epoxi·Putty™ is used to make permanent repairs to engine blocks, mirror mounts, manifolds, plastic grills, fiberglass boats, gas tanks, exhaust systems, motors, radiators, mufflers, jewelry, batteries, furniture, models, gaskets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, stripped screw holes, tractors and much more.


GelLube™ is a premier lubricant with a unique penetrating formula.  It goes on as a liquid and converts to a long lasting protective gel.  Sprayed on bare or rusted metal it lubricates and stops oxidation.

From HEAVY-DUTY industrial applications to household jobs, GelLube™ is for you.


GelLube™ - Picks up where all the others leave off!

GelLube™ is great for:

  • Valve Springs
  • Cylinders
  • Timing Chains
  • Wrist Pins
  • Gearboxes
  • Sliding Parts
  • Oil Pumps
  • and more

GelLube™ works fast.  Just aim and spray!

GelLube GP™ is great for:

  • Bearings 
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Axels
  • Locks and Hinges
  • Tools
  • Trailer Hitch Balls
  • Battery Terminals
  • and much more

GelLube GP™ is supplied with both pinpoint and fan nozzle.


High Vibration Flexible Adhesive

Valco's HV-350™ is a flexible adhesive abrasion-resistant non-slump sealant and will out perform virtually any glue, epoxy or silicone.  It retains its properties even when submerged under water.  And, unlike silicone, you can paint it with either oil-based or water-based paints.  HV-350™ has tremendous elasticity, with a capacity to stretch to 600% of its length.  This allows it to work in high vibration applications, as well as in situations that require the bonding of material that have different rates of expansion.

HV-350™ adhesive is great for automotive and marine uses such as:

  • Seal Windshields
  • Exterior Trim
  • Coat/Seal Electrical Connections
  • Seal PVC and ABS pipes/plastics
  • Repair Stripped Threads in Wood
  • Coat Anchors to Prevent Rust
  • Mend Rubber Floor Mats
  • Repair Glass and Plastics
  • Coat Battery Terminals

The amazing HV-350.  The adhesive that lets you stretch you imagination! 


To get optimum usage from this product, use with Valco's TUBE GRIP™ dispenser.

HV-350™ Clear, Non-slump adhesive. 

3.35oz.(95g) tube.


Hylomar® is a polyester polyol–based compound that turns from a gel into flexible putty within minutes of application.

Originally developed by Rolls Royce, where it performed under the most stringent aerospace tolerances, Hylomar® brings superior qualities to automotive applications.  Its non-hardening formula maintains seal integrity even when subjected to thermal distortion and vibration.

Hylomar® offers the these superior qualities:

  • Withstands Temperatures from  -60°F (-51°C) to 600°F (316°C) 
  • Never cures or hardens; parts can be repositioned
  • Impervious to most automotive fluids, including fuel and oil
  • Creates a strong joint
  • Will not drip or run
  • Adheres through a thin oil film so minimum surface preparation is need, saving you time.

Hylomar®.  A high performance polyurethane gasket maker, gasket sealant and thread sealant.  To get optimum usage from tubes, use with Valco's TUBE-GRIP® dispenser.

Hylomar® Aerograde

Hylomar® Universal Blue

Hylomar® Advanced Formulation

Hylomar® Silicone Sealant

Hylomar® High-performance Aerosol


Solvent 184 & Silicone Solvent 200

Solvent 184 is an excellent cleaner and degreaser used primarily for cleaning automotive parts.  It was originally developed for use as a thinner and remover of Hylomar, but has proven effective in many applications.  Solvent 184 is a great cleaner of electrical contacts, brakes, alternators, electric motors, starters, machined surfaces and much more.  It removes tar wax and petroleum products, and may be used to prepare surfaces for application of sealants and adhesives.

Silicone Solvent 200 is an ozone-safe volatile methylsiloxane(VMS) fluid developed specifically for use as a cleaning agent and carrier.  It is safe for use on a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, painted surfaces, and elastomeric materials.  It's mild cleaning action also makes it suitable for cleaning multi-material components and devices.  Silicone Solvent 200 can also be used as a degreaser, it removes uncured silicone, oil and also softens cured silicone as well as being a diluent for many types of oils, lubricants, coatings and silicone polymers

Silicone Solvent 200 can help meet environmental regulations in areas such as transportation, industrial maintenance, repair and operations as well as utility and food processing. 

Solvent 184

Solvent 200


Lock. Retain. Seal. Gasket. 

ThreadLocker anaerobic compounds are great for locking, retaining, sealing and gasketing a variety of components.  ThreadLocker compounds perform at a high temperature, prevent corrosion, and resist water, oils, hydrocarbons and more.  They also withstand vibration, improve load distribution and act as a lubricant during assembly.  A durable plastic seal cures in the absence of air when activated by a metal component or primer. 

ThreadLocker offers the these superior qualities:

  • Performs at high temperatures 
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Perfect for locking nuts and bolts or retaining bearings
  • Also great for liners, bushes, keys and splines

ThreadLocker is available in low, medium and high strengths - low and medium strength for applications that may require dismantling, and high strength for permanent locks.


Available in a variety of sizes.



ThreadLocker Medium



Torco MPZ

Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube

MPZ Engine Assembly Lube is an anti-wear, anti-friction lubricant with natural attraction to metal.  It adheres to pre-lubricated engine parts during storage and is soluble in synthetic or petroleum oils.  Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube is also used as a supplement to engine oil.

Torco MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer increases fuel economy by up to 8.5% and increases horsepower and torque by up to 3%.  MPZ adheres to iron and steel surfaces magnetically where it is chemically absorbed into the surface and becomes part of the surface itself.  Therefore MPZ won't wash off, burn off or rub off.  It stays put and won't let go.

MPZ Engine Assembly Lube

MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer


Multi-purpose White Lithium Grease

 LubriMatic White Lithium Grease

Multipurpose White Lithium Grease is a 12-hydroxy lithium-based lubricant with an outstanding resistance to water.  It performs well in high-speed, heavy-load conditions, and also contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.  The exceptional consistency of this grease creates ease in application for all engine parts, the special adhesion ability helps cushion close-fitting surfaces and eliminates run-off.

LubriMatic White Lithium Grease can be used for:

  • Wheel and nut assemblies
  • Valves, bearing and crankshafts
  • Area's where metal-to-metal contact occurs
  • Excellent for electrical connections such as switches and battery terminals

Available in 8oz.(226g) tubes

LubriMatic White Lithium Grease