With over 25 years experience within the corrugated, printing and food production industries, PAC Solutions has the experience and equipment to tailor any solution to your specific requirements. Our expertise in hot and cold glue dispensing equipment, quality assurance systems and carton erecting machines, makes us an ideal partner for your business operations. 

hot melt / cold glue dispensing equipment

print finishing, folding carton & converting

quality assurance & inspection systems

carton erecting machines

flexo folder gluer machines

heat & fire detection systems


Hot Melt / Cold Glue Dispensing Equipment

We offer the comprehensive range of Valco Melton's specialised adhesive dispensing equipment designed for the carton manufacturing, packaging, paper converting, woodworking, bookbinding and automotive industries. From simple hand-operated gluers to sophisticated microprocessor controlled systems, Valco Melton offers the most extensive selection of hot melt and cold gluing equipment available from any single supplier.

hot melt

We offer a large selection of hot melt systems, as well as hoses, pumps, nozzles, guns etc for any type of application.




gun assemblies




cold glue


glue source & fluid handling

glue valves

application heads


Quality assurance& inspection systems

In today's competitive market, faulty products, downtime and wastage are having a greater impact on bottom lines. By utilising a quality assurance system within the production line, inspection devices such as, cameras and sensors, will detect faults with skewed boxes, folding & bundling, glue patterns, print registration and die-cut registration and eject them from the production line.  


Valco Melton’s ClearVision Camera Inspection System guarantees zero defect boxes by taking a picture of each and every box that passes through the system and automatically removes faulty or damaged boxes.

Flexo folder gluers

Since 1954 EMBA Machinery AB of Orebro, Sweden has been producing machinery for the Corrugated Industry. Today EMBA is a leading supplier to the Corrugated Board Industry worldwide. EMBA machines are renowned for extremely high productivity and box quality thanks to very short set up times, accurate print capabilities, high output speeds and outstanding reliability.

Carton erecting machines

For 20 years, Tamegar has been producing corrugated board tray erecting machines for the agricultural and food industries. Renowned for its strong focus on innovation and reliability in developing automated tray and packaging machine solutions, Tamegars' machines operate all over the world from fruit packing houses, to agricultural cooperatives and with most importantly, corrugated packaging companies.  


Tamegar's tray erectors are ideally suited for fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, meat, grocery and general end-of-line packaging.