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EMBA Machinery AB

Since 1954 EMBA Machinery AB of Orebro, Sweden has been producing machinery for the Corrugated Industry. Today EMBA is a leading supplier to the Corrugated Board Industry worldwide. EMBA machines are renowned for extremely high productivity and box quality thanks to very short set up times, accurate print capabilities, high output speeds and outstanding reliability.

EMBA 245 QS Ultima™


The world's first non-crush converting machine!

The fully integrated servo platform and modular design of the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ offers outstanding capacity and flexibility. Fast and cost-efficient, the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ can produce all types of boxes, from the simplest brown box to the highest quality printing and most complex die-cut formats. The EMBA Operator Interface provides comprehensive control throughout the entire converting process, offering optional interfacing with auxiliary equipment, from pre-feeder to bundling machine and palletiser.


From the high-speed non-crush Ultima Feeder™ to the efficient Counter-Stacker unit, the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ is optimised for consistent high productivity. High paper utilisation, low energy consumption, extreme reliability, minimal waste generation and self-diagnostic capability make it exceptionally cost efficient. And the EMBA Comfort Programme is your assurance that the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ will continue to be an excellent investment, throughout its entire life cycle.


Quick Facts:

Board caliper:-  1.2-8 mm

Machine speed max:- 330 sheets/min (19,800 sheets/hr)

Nominal print cylinder diameter:- 365 mm (including printing plates)

Max printing area:- 1050 x 2450 mm (full machine size)

Min printing area:- 280 x 600 mm

Unfolded sheets: max width 1850 mm

EMBA’s true patented Non-Crush Converting™ technology preserves the geometry and strength of the corrugated profile for optimum box performance and significant savings in material costs.

EMBA 215 QS Ultima™

This machine has set a new standard in the world of corrugated machinery. Set-up times are extremely short, reliability is outstanding and very high productivity ensures good profitability for decades to come. The EMBA 170 Quick Set™ will simply run, run and run.


Quick Facts Board Size

  • min 175 x 300

  • max 600 x 1735

  • max speed 440 sh./min 26,400 sh./h

EMBA 175 QS Ultima™

The progressive evolution of the unique Ultima™ technology platform, combining outstanding production performance with dramatic savings in raw materials and energy. The innovative and patented EMBA Non-Crush Converting™ technology eliminates nip points, preserving the geometry and strength of the corrugated profile throughout the entire converting process, creating significant savings in paper cost with higher BCT values for a much stronger product, while Quick-Set™ enables the shortest possible changeover time between orders.


The intelligent Ultima™ technology platform is born from our desire to constantly exceed market demands and cultivate focused collaboration with our customers. The cleverness of the Ultima™ platform offers “easy to run and easy to learn” features for machine operators and a modular development environment for designers, making the EMBA 175 QS Ultima™ upgrade compatible throughout its entire lifetime. That’s why it’s called Ultima intelligence.


Quick Facts Board Size

  • min. 200 x 400

  • max. 600 x 1700

  • skip 800 x 1700

  • max speed. 440 sh./min 26,400 sh./h

EMBA’s true patented Non-Crush Converting™ technology preserves the geometry and strength of the corrugated profile for optimum box performance and significant savings in material costs.

EMBA 245 Quick Set™

The EMBA 245 Quick Set™ has established a new supreme level of productivity for the medium size machines by producing boxes faster and better in all product ranges. The Magna™ Vacuum Slotter Creaser unit together with the sturdy designed die cutting unit creates a unique solution for high speed die cutting performance. The reliable and advanced control system of the machine minimizes the risk of human errors and gives the operators safe and friendly conditions for stable top production day after day.


Quick Facts Board Size

  • min 280 x 600

  • max 1050 x 2450

  • skip 1400 x 2450

  • max speed 280 sh./min 16,800 sh./h

When you invest in an EMBA converting inline machine, you invest in the future!

With the EMBA Comfort Programme you can be certain that your EMBA machine will perform to full capacity throughout its entire life cycle, benefiting from the latest know-how and technical innovations.


The EMBA Upgrade Programme, featuring the latest technological upgrades from the EMBA research team makes sure it stays that way. When combined with the EMBA Professional, production optimisation is assured.


EMBA Original Parts is your guarantee that all spare parts supplied are designed for your EMBA to the most stringent manufacturing specifications and standards for trouble-free replacement.


With EMBA Academy you can rely in the knowledge that your EMBA is being operated by EMBA-trained specialists.