Tamegar carton erectors

Case and tray erecting machinery for the produce & food industries

We also offer Tamegar's range of carton erecting equipment which are used all over the world from fruit packing houses to agricultural co-operatives and with, most importantly, corrugated packaging companies. 


The range includes a small, light-weight and semi-automatic machine capable of producing up to 600 cartons per hour (ideal for packing fruit or small food portions), through to larger, fully automatic models capable of producing up to 2,800 cartons per hour.  


All machines are easy to operate, flexible and are equipped with a Valco Melton hot melt unit inbuilt into the machine. Add an automatic tray stacker to the larger machines for added automation. 

Altair PRO & Lite

  • Produces up to 2,800 trays / hour - Altair Pro
  • Produces up to 2,400 trays / hour - Altair Lite


Model BQ-2M

  • Produces up to 8000 trays / hour
  • Compact machine with independently controlled twin tray forming heads
  • Ideal food or fruit trays


Model AM-1

  • Produces up to 6,000 trays / hour (3,000 per tray forming head)
  • Compact machine with independently controlled twin tray forming heads
  • Ideal machine for erecting trays for fruit or small food portions
  • Blank board dimensions (mm): max - 250x350; min - 120x160

For the full range of Tamegar carton erecting machines, click here to go to Tamegar's website.