Tray erector - Altair PRO

Designed and built with the highest performance and innovative control systems


Key Features:

  • Produces up to 2,800 trays per hour;
  • Diagnostic screen with comprehensive fault list for easy troublshooting;
  • Remote control & wi-fi;
  • Self correction control in tail shots;
  • Up to 10 programmable tail shots;
  • Up to 1,000 programmable tray designs / recipes;
  • Safety PLC;
  • Up to 5 pneumatic movements in format bay;
  • Motor-pump vacuum system;

An alternative to the Altair PRO is the Altair Lite - a budget machine for users with less production but with the same guarantees and reliability of the PRO machine.

Video presentation of Altair PRO tray erector

Information sheet

Tamegar's Altair Pro & Lite model tray erector
Altair Pro & Lite Brochure.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB

Sample production videos

Technical specifications

FUNCTIONING Electro-Mechanic/Pneumatic Electro-Mechanic/Pneumatic
HOT-MELT SYSTEM Hot-melt unit 6 SLD 14/20kg Hot-melt unit 6 SLD 8/10kg


(approximate data)

Maximum of 2700 b/h

(depending on the size and model)

Maximum of 2100 b/h

(depending on the size and model)

INSTALLED POWER 12.5kw with air compressor (p.a. 7kw) 12.5kw with air compressor (p.a. 7kw)
ELECTRICAL CONNECTION 380V (3P+N+T) 50 hZ 380V (3P+N+T) 50 hZ
NET WEIGHT 1950KG with air compressor 1930KG with air compressor
AIR CONSUMPTION 550 litres/minute (approximate data) 650 litres/minute (approximate data)
USERS SCREEN 7" colour TFT screen 5.5" colour TFT screen
INTRODUCTION TRAY Servo-motor regulation linear guide ways Servo-motor regulation linear guide ways
SUCTION CUP SYSTEM Pneumatically operated Pneumatically operated
VACUUM SYSTEM Vacuum pump Vacuum (Venturi type)
PURGE SYSTEM Electric capacitive purge Water faucet
MAIN ENGINE MOLD Motor-reductor 2 CV with variable frequency drive Motor-reductor 2 CV with variable frequency drive
MOLD GUIDE Linear guide ways Chrome guide & friction cap
AIR COMPRESSOR 7.5 CV / external work / internal work 7.5 CV / internal work
MAIN FRAME / TRAY GUIDE Folded sheet-welded / stainless steel Folded sheet-welded / lacquered iron
SECURITY SYSTEM Security system troubleshooting Security module
REMOTE CONNECTION Optional (installation or 3G modem) Optional (installation or 3G modem)