Model CS3

  • Produces up to 2,000 trays / hour
  • Compact & ergonomically design - easy to operate
  • PLC touchpad screen with up to 40 programmable tray settings
  • Can combine with all TMG stackers or exit conveyor belt
  • Blank board dimensions (mm): max - 1300x900; min - 550x350
  • Format designs - Plaform; P84, corner post, defor and many others

Tray erector - Tamegar model C3S

Easy to use, designed with the operator in mind

The innovative design of Tamegar's C3S model has produced a more compact and smaller machine which significantly improves operator access and control. The operator can gain full access from the ground which eliminates the need for a glue step ladder and tray infeeder platform. Access doors around all three sides of the machine’s format bay also increases operator access and the centralised PLC controls makes the C3S tray erector one of the easiest machines to use. 


Key Features:

  • Produces up to 2,000 trays per hour;
  • Easy to operate - ergonomically designed and uses the latest in mechanical & process control technology;
  • Large 5'6" touchpad PLC with up to 40 different programmable tray configurations & can be password protected

Operator access has been significantly improved with protection doors opening up on all three sides of format bay.

Reduced machine height and compact design allows operator access from the ground - no need for glue step ladder or tray infeeder platform.

Machine is controlled via PLC touchscreen with up to 40 programmable tray configurations and can be password protected.

Boards are loaded onto horizontal infeeder and individually positioned onto transporter chain using pneumatic actuator and adjustable sensors.

A central servomotor controls the transporter chain which moves the board from the infeeder through to tray forming bay. It also guarantees precise hot melt application and placement of board in tray forming bay.

Machine uses hot melt injection with a central glue hose, four glue hoses and four glue gun modules.

Video presentation of tray erector - C3S

Information sheet

Tamegar's C3S model tray erector
Tamegar C3S Model.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.0 MB

Tray dimensions

Maximum & minimum tray dimensions (mm)

Tray designs

Defor tray

Corner post tray

P84 series tray

Plaform tray

Additional design options

Tray format to erect the corner post tray design with an edge wall bridge.

Tray format to erect a tray with doubled-over side walls.

Tray format to erect a  tray with doubled-over side and end walls.

Technical specifications


Electro mechanical & pneumatic

380 v. (3P + N + T) 50 Hz


Adjustable up to 2000 trays per hour
(Depending on board size & tray format)

Central vacuum

7 Kw or 12.5 Kw with compressor



Transporter controlled by a servomotor.

Machine's operation controlled using a PLC with up to
40 programmable tray configurations.