Altair multipoint folder gluer

The Vega Altair is designed to process high grammage, corrugated and solid board. This model is available in four sizes: 160cm, 200cm, 240cm and 290cm. It incorporates advanced technical solutions aimed to ensure high quality processing into folding-gluing of corrugated board boxes (flutes - N, F, E, B, C, A, K, EB, BC & BA) and solid board from 500-1500 g/m². The Altair can run standard and American boxes, standard crash lock bottom, reversed and reinforced auto-lock and auto-lock with partitions, and 4 & 6 corner boxes.


In line with the VEGA design, the machine is modular and can be expanded when necessary to meet box type production needs.

A high speed option - Crash Lock Bottom, 4 and 6 Corners High Speed mode - reduces maintenance costs and make ready time. This new system uses lower hooks mounted on two lower shafts driven by two independent brushless motors which fold the frontal flaps of the 4/6 corners and crash lock bottom boxes without using upper mechanical hooks. This allows for high production speeds as the gap between the boxes is reduced considerably and the mechanical speed can be increased to maximum.

To guarantee folding quality, the machine is equipped with: 

  • M.B.A. (Mechanical Blank Alignment) system which positions the blank perfectly after the feeder section;
  • additional conveyor for pre-breaking / pre-folding of the first and third creasing lines;
  • Inline Box Ejection which allows bottom ejection of faulty boards;
  • Pressing Rollers module positioned after the folding and gluing and before the pressure belt;
  • Servomotors independently motorise each module.

Vega has paid particular attention to the quality assurance systems in the Altair, and the following is standard in each machine:

  • creasing carriages in the closing section;
  • lateral squaring on the middle of the closing section;
  • first squaring units at the delivery section;
  • second squaring units in front of the collector;
  • spanker system, like "case maker" for American boxes;
  • back kicker for large crash lock bottom boxes.

Sample boxes

VEGA Altair
VEGA Altair Brochure.pdf
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Additional modules

Vega ADF Double feeder

Vega Easypack

Vega Pack 120 collector