Vega ADF double feeder

The Vega ADF double feeder can operate independently as a multiple piece joiner or it can be added to a multipoint folder gluer to increase production versatility. Examples of box type production include boxes with liners (eg: soap powder); tray/twin/QET boxes straight line and with crash lock bottom; partition boxes; boxes in two halves with lateral joining or complete overlapping. 


The Vega ADF double feeder is completely motorised and programmable through the VIS (Vega Integrated System). It is equipped with two brushless motors and positioning registers for precise box-joining control, plus precision control with feeder stop. Any gluing system can be installed for two/three piece joining, however we recommend the use of hot melt. 

Built on a motorised rail system, the Vega ADF double feeder can be easily moved around from positioning in front of the gluer or moved aside for single use operation. This process can be computerised to reduce set-up time. 


The ADF can process solid board boxes from 500g/m and corrugated up to BC flute. 

Available in four sizes: 160cm, 200cm, 240cm & 290cm.

Sample boxes

VEGA ADF Double Feeder
VEGA ADF Double Feeder Brochure.pdf
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