Polaris multipoint folder gluer

The Polaris model is available in two formats, 90 and 110 cm, and in different box configurations for straight line, crash lock bottom, double wall, 4 and 6 corners.


This model is also customisable: the new electronic control system of the machine functions, V.I.S. (Vega Integrated Systems) allows  integration and management of all the functions of the folder / gluer through a cutting-edge, multi-purpose touch screen console.


We offer two systems for adjusting the inclination of the blank after its introduction into the machine in a single solution; a second additional module can be used to house the propellers and hooks of the automatic bottom, reducing the time required to change the linear format / automatic bottom and vice versa to the minimum.  Versatile, flexible, adaptable.

POLARIS feeder is equipped with a brushless motor which adjusts the feeding speed of the blank at the entry of the additional M.B.A (Mechanical Blank Alignment) module. The MBA ensures the boxes are aligned in a perfect position for the folding phase. 


The optional P.T.F. (Pneumatic Time Feeder) system, adjusts the timing of the feed to allow blanks with very narrow bodies and long tails, to be fed uniformly. 

Sample boxes

VEGA Polaris Multipoint Gluer
VEGA Polaris Brochure.pdf
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Additional modules

Vega ADF Double feeder

Vega Pack 44 collector