the KUBE System

Designed to allow customers use the same unit for all their packaging needs, the Kube helps improve system operation by removing degradation problems, as well as minimises the maintenance and downtime associated with gluing systems.


Kube benefits:

  • Melt on Demand: promotes adhesive stability and reduce char and only melting adhesive as you need it.
  • Mount Anywhere: engineered to operate with three different install configurations, the Kube is suitable for both new machine installations as well as system upgrades/replacements.
  • Simple Conversion: fully compatible with other industry standard equipment, the Kube retrofits your packaging line without additional investment in hoses, guns or spare parts.
  • Operator Free: enclosed system with integrated auto-feeder keeps out dirt and debris, and promotes a safer work environment. Also includes manual fill option.
  • Zero Maintenance: strategically designed to automatically feed adhesive, contaminants are left out, eliminating any chance of plugged nozzles.

was $13,100.00    now $9,999.00

(ex GST & ex-works Brisbane)

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Kube System Brochure
KUBE brochure.pdf
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