D Series Hot Melt Units


The Application

The new D series melt tanks are used in bag manufacturing, bookbinding, high speed packaging, graphics and special pressure sensitive or Polyamide Adhesive applications. The new D series is a completely redesigned hot melt tank with multiple options and features to fit nearly any possible application requirement. The completely redesigned D series feature the new Multi-Functional control system. The MFC control manages all of the zone heating/maintaining as well as a myriad of other functions. Standard features such as a 7 day clock, multi-shift timer, temperature setback, internal and external level control monitoring as well as variable speed machine tracking. The round adhesive reservoir features a universal casting design that significantly improves melt rate and heat conduction. Each D series is fit with a standard output Spur-gear pump but have optional pump sizes as well as high temperature Polyamide pumps for challenging adhesives.

Adhesive Requirements

EVA packaging adhesive, PSA pressure sensitive adhesive, polyamide high temperature adhesive (with high temp pump only).

System Features

Temperature Control: Equipped with the new Multi-Functional control, the new D series has “state of the art monitoring and controlling of the heated zones through a microprocessor controlled PID control system featuringAuto-Tuning.

Multi-Function Controls: The control system used on the new D series features 4 programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs. These I/O’s can be used for communication between the melt tank and the parent machine such as low level, system ready, system fault, pump on/off, ECT.

Fault Display/History: The control system on the new D series features a scrolling information bar on the bottom of the LED screen which informs the user of any melt tank operating information such as System Setback, Melter Ready in __minutes, or faults such as Hose 1 RTD fault, Gun 2 Heater Fault. There is also a menu that is available through the setup screen that displays the most recent faults and the times at which they were created. This significantly aids users in troubleshooting and error solution.

Internal Pattern Controller: Each new D series tank has an optional internal pattern control system with 4 available scanner/photo-eye inputs and 6 available 24VDC outputs that can be used for firing solenoids, kickers, diverters or any other 24VDC operated function required by the glue system or parent machine. There is an encoder input available on the input board which is separate from the 4 scanner inputs.