Up-Tite Securing System


Available in 33.5", 44", 69", 75" & 95"



  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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Clip-On hooks work great on cars, trucks and trailers for moving furniture, boxes and other cargo items. They are quick and easy to install and remove and no tools to use. They have a rubber-like coating to protect painted surfaces. 

The patented Up-Tite Securing System™ is designed for use in any application requiring a tie-down to prevent lose cargo. 

Up-Tite works great when attached to the side rails or floors of pick-up trucks. Convenient for any application, it can also be easily mounted in trailers and utility vans. The rail system allows a variety of tie-down positions.

Up-Tite safely secures a variety of cargo utilising universal hooks and movable slides that lock into place every six inches. It is fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminium extrusions for maximum strength and the universal hooks provide 1,000 lbs of flexible holding strength. The system is also anodised for corrosion-resistant protection.

Up-Tite has a clean finish that looks great and adds functionality to any truck or hauler. Users can mount and place as many Up-Tite 24" system as needed to create their own specialised arrangement. Customise your truck to suit your cargo needs. Four 24" models are ideal for pick-up trucks.

Each system (except 24") includes:

• 2 rails

• 4 slides

• 4 hooks

• and mounting hardware inluding drill bushing