Gard EV60 External Hot Melt Cleaner

  • Powerful & odourless hot melt cleaner 
  • Available in 5L containers and 750ml spray bottles
Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner


  • 2.1 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Product demonstration

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Circulate Green HMP solution within all hose fed hot melt equipment to dissolve residual adhesive and loosen char. 

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Gardex Hot Melt Release Agent

Once all the hot melt residue has been cleaned, apply a thin layer of Gardex to all surfaces that come in contact with hot melt to prevent it from sticking again. 

Hot Melt Cleaning Kit

Take advantage of the full range of specially designed hot melt cleaning products supplied int the Hot Melt Cleaning Kit. Each kit contains:

  • Green HMP; 5L
  • Gard EV60; 750ml
  • Gardex; 1kg




        Product Profile


Gard EV60 is a new liquid formulation developed to quickly and easily remove heavier contamination of hot melt adhesive from machinery and components, throughout the bottling, food and packaging industries.

Gard EV60 is available in 5L containers and 750ml spray bottles.

Areas of Use

Gard EV60 can be used to clean down hot melt tank lids, label stations, guide rails, applicator wheels, label carriages, label brushes, belts and machine guards without causing any damage to plastic (ie: crazing / clouding).



Gard EV60 unique formulation is non-flammable and non-corrosive. 



Gard EV60 is extremely low odour in use, which means the risk of tainting is completely ELIMINATED.



Gard EV60 immediately penetrates and dissolves all hot melt glue leaving machinery and surfaces free from adhesive deposits.


Easy to Use

Simply apply Gard EV60 with a clean cloth to the contaminated areas and wipe clean.

Easy to follow instructions are on every pack. 

Product Profile Gard EV60
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