Gardol® Adhesive/Glue/Latex Shield

  • FDA Approved 175.105
  • Available in 350g and 5kg containers 


  • 0.36 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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        Product Profile


Gardol® prevents the unwanted build-up of cold adhesive and glues on machinery / equipment.


Gardol® is a unique product development which will improve work flow and save valuable down time. 


Gardol® is available in 350g and 5kg containers.

Protects Against 

 • Casein

 • Polyurethane

 • Epoxy

 • P.V.A

 • Melamin    

 • Resorcinol

 • Phenol

 • Starch    

 • Polyester   

 • Urea

 • Polysulphide

 • Vinyl

Where Gardol® is Used


Apply Gardol® to glue pots, drive shafts, areas of overspray, doctor blade assemblies, cylinder journals, application trays, cylinder shafts, holding tanks etc. 



Apply Gardol® to shafts, turntables, lable fingers, plastic guards, return chutes etc. Always re-apply after washing down. (Note – do not apply to pallets)


Carpet Backing

Apply Gardol® to doctor blades, roller ends, latex tanks, drip trays etc.



Apply Gardol®  to pressing equipment, form press, press band, press roller and application equipment. Platens should be coated 2-3 times a day using a cloth. If particularly high temperatures are used, repeat the process more often.

(Gardol® contains no silicones.) 



Only a fine coating of Gardol® is required to treat areas. Treated areas stay protected until washed clean. 

A little goes a long way!


Easy to Use

Simply apply Gardol® with a clean cloth or sponge to all areas that become contaminated with adhesive. 

Easy to follow instructions are on every pack. 

Product Profile Gardol®
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