Green HMP Liquid Hot Melt Purge

  • Food grade safe
  • Available in 5L containers


  • 4.85 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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Hot Melt Cleaning Kit

Take advantage of the full range of specially designed hot melt cleaning products supplied int the Hot Melt Cleaning Kit. Each kit contains:

  • Green HMP; 5L
  • Gard EV60; 750ml
  • Gardex; 1kg




        Product Profile


Green HMP is a low viscosity cleaning fluid for use in all hose fed hot melt application equipment.


Green HMP dissolves all hot melt adhesives by reducing the viscosity and lossening decomposed charred material.


Green HMP is available in 5L containers.


Fast Breakdown

Green HMP will quickly breakdown hot melt residue within hoses and tanks which will prevent applicator wheels from binding, erratic pump stroking and hose constrictions.;


Reduces Hot Melt Usage

Green HMP eliminates unnecessary purging of large quantities of hot melt.


Safe to Use

Green HMP is a mineral oil free hot melt purging liquid developed for use within the food packaging industries.


Easy to Use

Apply Green HMP direct into the melt tank and circulate through the system at 140°C-170°C (284°F-338°F).

Easy to follow instructions are on every pack. 

Product Profile Green HMP
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