Hot Melt Cleaning Kit


  • Green HMP - liquid hot melt purge; 5L
  • Gard EV60 - external hot melt cleaner; 750ml
  • Gardex - hot melt release agent; 1kg


  • 7.03 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

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        Product Profile

Green HMP Hot Melt Purge; 5L 



Green HMP is a low viscosity cleaning fluid for use in all hose fed hot melt application equipment, including tanks and hoses. It prevents the binding of applicator wheels, erratic pump stroking and removes charred material.


How to Use

Green HMP should be used in previously emptied melt tanks and re-circulated through as much of the application equipment as required. Ideal temperatures of use are 140 - 170°C (284-338°F).


To achieve best results, re-circulate for as long as possible to throughly clear the system of all debris.

Gard EV60 external hot melt cleaner; 750ml



Gard EV60 is widely used for the external clean down of all hot melt adhesives from machienry and equipment, including lable stations, guide rails, applicator wheels, label carriages, label brushes, machine guards etc.


How to Use

Apply via spray / clean cloth and wipe areas clean. On heavily contanminated surfaces, Gard EV60 may be left for a few minutes to penetrate the adhesive before wiping clean.

Gardex Hot Melt Release Agent; 1kg 



Gardex is a hot melt release agent developed to prevent hot melt adhesive from adhering to machine parts, label stations, glue tanks etc.


How to Use

Apply a thin coat of Gardex  to surfaces (with a clean cloth or sponge) which have previously been cleaned with the appropriate cleaner.

Product Profile Hot Melt Cleaning Kit
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