Today’s industries require a broad range of industrial adhesives to suit a wide range of applications. From economical cold glues suitable for high speed corrugated carton production, through to specialised formulations of both hot melt and cold glue for difficult surfaces such as PET and coated materials, PAC Solutions can supply the right product for your needs.


Hot Melt adhesives are ideal where a fast set is required, and for coated or lacquered board. Hot melt has a relatively short open time, so surfaces being glued need to be brought into contact with each other quickly, and pressure only applied for a short time. Hot Melt also comes in a freezer grade formulation which is a basic requirement for the frozen food industry. Pressure sensitive hot melts are also used in the woodworking and laminating industries, as well as bedding manufacture. Hot melt systems

require relatively little daily maintenance.   

Cold Glue is available in a very wide variety of formulations and viscosities, depending on the speed of the process and the material being glued.  Cold glue has a longer open time, so after the surfaces are brought together, pressure is required for a longer time than hot melt.  Cold glue is typically water based and low cost, however daily maintenance and thorough cleaning of components is required to avoid applicator blockages from setting glue etc.

Some systems use both hot melt and cold glue to achieve a stronger bond than using either type alone. The hot melt holds the bonded surfaces together which allows the cold glue to set, and the resulting very strong bond has a high resistance to ambient heat.

Feature Product – PacMelt 9.

PacMelt 9 is an EVA based adhesive and our most popular hot melt product.  It is highly recommended for general purpose carton sealing as it is very tough and flexible at room temperature, however is also freezer grade designed for temperatures as low as -40⁰ C. It is also suitable for a wide range of difficult surfaces. PacMelt 9 contains resins which have self-cleaning properties, so has a very high resistance to charring or degradation, and therefore keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. It can be applied by nozzle, jet, wheel, or roller.

Feature Product – PacGrip 22.

PacGrip 22 is a synthetic resin emulsion water based adhesive widely used in high speed corrugated carton production.  It has a medium open time and a fast set, and when set is hard yet flexible. It is a very economical  product suitable for a wide range of applications and surfaces, including envelope backseam using either wheel or nozzle, plaster board edging using a slot nozzle, and clay coated board stocks. PacGrip 22 is normally supplied as a white liquid, but can be pigmented light blue or pink so it can be more easily seen during extrusion application.  


Adhesives for Special Projects

Our feature products shown above suit the majority of common applications. However there are over 100 different products in our adhesives range, with varying viscosities, colours and solids content, all developed for specific industries and applications. We offer a no obligation service whereby we test your sample of what you need to glue, and if we do not have something in our existing range that will do the job, then we will develop a formula that will. 


Industries currently being supplied.

  • Corrugated carton manufacturing
  • Case erecting and lidding
  • Bedding manufacture
  • Laminated board production
  • Edge banding
  • Envelope manufacture
  • Bookbinding
  • Pallet stabilisation
  • PET and Glass labelling
  • Frozen Food Industry