MX gun assembly


The MX electric hot melt applicator is commonly found in applications that require high speed or high cycle counts. Applications such as envelope manufacturing, filter manufacturing, high speed cartoning are all ideal for the MX technology.


The MX valve is available in two versions. One uses the standard 3/8”-24 thread nozzles which are also used on all the standard MS and ME applicators. The other is a 11/16-24 thread that utilizes a retaining nut and Type 1 or H-20 style nozzles. For high speed applications, the 3/8”-24 thread version provides the best cut-off and reduced stringing commonly referred to as “Angel Hair”.


The MX module may be replaced without removing the entire gun manifold. The electromagnetic coil is built into each module and simply “plugs-in” to the manifold.


Note: Eax MX manifold comes with a built-in filter. The filter screens are the same used by the Mars In-Line Filter Assemblies. The standard screen is 100 mesh in thickness.

The MX electric valve is fired from a special control or valve driver. This driver can be purchased as a separate individual box that receives a 24VDC signal from a PLC or other controller and outputs a signal to the MX. If you are using or have the Valco MCS, MCP-4, VCX, or MCP-25 control this driver is already built into the software and can be operated without the use of the external driver.