Adhesive Cleaners & Release Agents

Adhesive Cleaners & Release Agents

Gard Chemicals unique product range of environmentally friendly adhesive cleaners and release agents are designed specifically for the food, packaging, bottling and other related industries. 

They are designed to quickly breakdown unwanted cold or hot melt adhesive residue from equipment making it easy to remove and clean any type of machinery and its components. 


Once cleaned, the release agents prevent adhesive build-up on most surfaces allowing on-going, easy maintenance of adhesive equipment and thereby, reducing maintenance costs and improving machinery uptime.

Manufactured with full research and development facilities in the UK, these products are accredited with ISO9001 and ISO4001 Quality and Environmental Standards. These products are widely used throughout the food  and drink industries and have NSF approval.

DEV16 Cold Glue Adhesive Cleaner

Gardex Hot Melt Release Agent