Supporting the packaging industry

Since 1998



Established in 1998 by the Director, Norman Clarke, when he saw a need to provide specialised technical support to the corrugated packaging industry.



With over 25 years experience in the packaging and printing industries, our business has evolved to become a 'one-stop-shop' for our customers. 


Our services include:               Our products include:

• technical support

• repairs & maintenance

• troubleshooting

• consultancy

• customised solutions 

• hot melt & cold glue adhesive dispensing equipment

• quality assurance systems

• carton erecting machinery

• adhesives, adhesive cleaners & release agents

• spare parts

       If you need assistance with troubleshooting, sourcing spare parts or are

       thinking about upgrading existing equipment, call us - we're here to help!

Equipment:- adhesive dispensing equipment, quality assurance systems and carton erecting machines

Over the years, we have expanded our product range to include hot melt and cold glue dispensing equipment, quality assurance systems and carton erecting machines, enabling us to extend our expertise and service across your entire production line. 


We offer the comprehensive range of Valco Melton's specialised adhesive dispensing equipment designed for the carton manufacturing, packaging, paper converting, woodworking, bookbinding and automotive industries. Whether it's a small, hand-held adhesive system or a sophisticated, microprocessor controlled system, we can support your needs.

In today's competitive market, faulty products, downtime and wastage are having a greater impact on bottom lines. By utilising a quality assurance system within the production line, inspection devices such as, cameras and sensors, will detect faults with skewed boxes, folding & bundling, glue patterns, print registration and die-cut registration and eject them from the production line.  


Valco Melton’s ClearVision Camera Inspection System guarantees zero defect boxes by taking a picture of each and every box that passes through the system and automatically removes faulty or damaged boxes.


We also offer Tamegar's range of carton erecting equipment which are used all over the world from fruit packing houses to agricultural co-operatives and with, most importantly, corrugated packaging companies. 


The range includes a small, light-weight and semi-automatic machine capable of producing up to 600 cartons per hour (ideal for packing fruit or small food portions), through to larger, fully automatic models capable of producing up to 2,000 cartons per hour.  


All machines are easy to operate, flexible and are equipped with a Valco Melton hot melt unit inbuilt into the machine. Add an automatic tray stacker to the larger machines for added automation. 




The decision to use either cold glue or hot melt will depend upon several factors such as the process of application, the type of materials to be bonded and the impact of industry standards. 


We offer a wide range of both cold glue and hot melt adhesives and can also work with you to develop specialised formulations for specific requirements.

Specialised adhesive cleaners, flushing & release agents

The ongoing maintenance of cold glue and hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment can be messy, time consuming and costly.


Gard's range of safe and environmentally friendly cleaners and release agents are designed to remove and prevent unwanted deposits from building up within and around your adhesive equipment and machinery. Start off by using a flushing agent and cleaner to dissolve and remove the adhesive and finish with the release agent to prevent it from sticking again.


Automotive detailers, sealants, adhesives & accessories

Whether you're a professional mechanic or avid car enthusiast, we have a full range of detailing, sealants, adhesives and accessories developed for automotive industry. Product range includes Magic Mix, Fastshine, All-In-One Silicone, Hylomar and loads more.