Hot Melt

Hot Melt

Removing hot melt adhesive from in and around equipment can be tedious, messy and dangerous. Specifically designed to clean, purge and remove hot melt adhesive from within glue lines, hoses and around equipment, Gard Chemicals range of hot melt cleaners and release agents will increase equipment life and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Use Green HMP liquid hot melt purge to breakdown hot melt residue and loosen char from within hot melt units; Gard EV60 external cleaner to penetrate and dissolve hot melt or and then finish with an application of Gardex hot melt release agent to prevent hot melt build up in the future....

Green HMP hot melt purge for hot melt systems will quickly breakdown hot melt residues and loosen char build up within hoses and tanks, which can prevent applicator wheels from binding, erratic pump stroking and hose constrictions. Green HMP is a mineral oil free product developed for use in the food packaging industry, and is NSF approved. 

Gard EV60 external cleaner immediately penetrates and dissolves hot melt glue leaving machinery and components free from adhesive deposits. It's easy to use, low odour and is non-flammable and non-corrosive.

GARDEX hot melt release agent is a unique formulation developed to prevent any unwanted build-up of hot melt. Only a fine coating of Gardex is required making it very economical. Easy to apply and temperature stable up to 220°C.

A convenient and cost effective option to try all three products is the Hot Melt Cleaning Kit. Each kit contains the Green HMP (5L), Gard EV60 (750ml) and Gardex (1kg).

Industries served: bottling halls, canning plants, food manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, packaing manufacturers, bookbinders...