Cold Glue

Cold Glue

Specifically designed to clean, purge and remove cold PVA and EVA adhesives from within glue lines, hoses and around equipment, Gard Chemicals range of cold glue cleaners and release agents will increase equipment life and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Gard's range of cold glue cleaners and release agents will equally protect and clean cold glue adhesive equipment from unwanted build-up of adhesive throughout the production line. Use DEV 16 to clean and remove all types of cold glues and then apply Gardol to prevent future adhesive build-up. 


A ValcoMelton boardrunner assembly and parts were treated with DEV 16 cleaning solution to breakdown adhesive build up and remove debris and grime.



All surfaces were then treated with Gardol Latex Shield - a cold glue release agent to protect against future build up.


DEV16 is a concentrated water based cleaner designed to break down cold adhesives and starch from within lines, around applicator rollers, and other internal system components. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and fully biodegradable.

GARDOL® prevents the unwanted build-up of cold adhesive and glues on machinery / equipment. GARDOL®is easy use and only a little amount is required. 

Industries served: glass jar & bottling plants, towel & tissue manufacturing, packaging manufacturing, book binders, carton manufacturers, woodworking companies...