H200, spherical

H200, spherical

These nozzles will fit into any H200 style adhesive module. All MS, ME and LP guns can use these nozzles as well as the Nordson H200, Classic Blue, Solid Blue and H440 modules. 

Valco Melton nozzles have a 3/8-24 female thread.

The multi-orifice nozzles are available in many configurations ranging from 2 orifices up to 6 orifices in linear and some radial patterns. These nozzles have fixed angles for applications that require multiple beads of adhesive from a single adhesive applicator module.

Available sizes

Orifice size

mm (in)

2 exit; 10° 2 exit; 15° 2 exit; 20° 2 exit; 30° 2 exit; 45° 2 exit; 60° 3 exit; 30° spread 3 exit; 30° radial 3 exit; 45° spread 3 exit; 60° spread

Ø 0.20mm (0.008)

973xx301 972xx101 972xx201 972xx301 972xx401 972xx501 972xx601 972xx801 973xx401 972xx701

Ø 0.25mm (0.010)

973xx302 972xx102 972xx202 972xx302 972xx402 972xx502 972xx602 972xx802 973xx402 972xx702

Ø 0.30mm (0.012)

973xx303 972xx103 972xx203 972xx303 972xx403 972xx503 972xx603 972xx803 973xx403 972xx703

Ø 0.35mm (0.014)

973xx304 972xx104 972xx204 972xx304 972xx404 972xx504 972xx604 972xx804 973xx404 972xx704

Ø 0.40mm (0.016)

973xx305 972xx105 972xx205 972xx305 972xx405 972xx505 972xx605 972xx805 973xx405 972xx705

Ø 0.45mm (0.018)

973xx306 972xx106 972xx206 972xx306 972xx406 972xx506 972xx606 972xx806 973xx406 972xx706

Ø 0.50mm (0.020)

973xx307 972xx107 972xx207 972xx307 972xx407 972xx507 972xx607 972xx807 973xx407 972xx707

Ø 0.60mm (0.024) 

973xx308 972xx108 972xx208 972xx308 972xx408 972xx508 972xx608 972xx808 973xx408 972xx708

Ø 0.70mm (0.028)

973xx309 972xx109 972xx209 972xx309 972xx409 972xx509     973xx409  

Ø 0.75mm (0.030)

973xx310 972xx110 972xx210 972xx310 972xx410 972xx510 972xx609 972xx809   972xx709

Ø 1.00mm (0.040)

973xx311 972xx111 972xx211 972xx311 972xx411 972xx511 972xx610 972xx810 973xx410 972xx710