Standard compatible hoses

Standard compatible hoses

Melton hot melt hoses manufacturing uses standard wall PTFE hose is the ideal solution because of:

  • Superior flex fatigue life
  • Low permeability
  • Extremely low frictional properties, ensuring low pressure drop
  • Solvent resistance
  • Light weight
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Inertness to all chemicals
  • Resistance to weathering/ageing: unaffected by UV light, resistance to oxidation…
  • Non flammable

PTFE hose, heavy wall, reinforced with a stainless steel wire and high tensile braid 

Temperature sensored by an RTC (resistance temperature control): NI-120 

Insulation foam, with its great strength, light weight, and high thermal efficiency, is the ideal subset insulation material, due to its low thermal conductivity coefficient.  

Foam inhibits convective heat transfer by limiting convection between tube and cover spaces within the foam structure, as time as protects systems components, improving electrical and mechanical properties.

Double metal mesh option permits Melton hoses high work and burst pressure

Melton Water-proof hoses provides high water resistance for humidity atmospheres

Corrugated cover improves hose flexibility and protection

Spring accessory acts as an helix protection to avoid abrasion of the braid and assures a minimum curvature radio to avoid cliping the hose tube.

Accessories include brackets, fittings, hose protectors, and corrugated and braided covers

• CE certified

• IP45 standard