H20 button, spherical

H20 button, spherical

These nozzles are mot commonly used on H-20 style applicators. Each nozzle is affixed with the retaining nut that is standard on the H-20 applicator or on the AD41 handgun. The multi-orifice nozzles are machined from brass and have precision holes drilled at the specified angles.

The following H20 nozzles can be used for the H20, E100, 2030T, NC-24, AD-41 and 2020LE hot melt applicators.

Nozzles used on the H20 or E100 guns require the use of the 975xx000, retaining nut.

Nozzles used on NC-24 handgunds, Valco Melton handguns or 2020LE guns require the use of the 704xx967 retaining nut.

Available sizes

Orifice size

mm (in)

2 exit; 16° 2 exit; 24° 2 exit; 30° 2 exit; 45° 2 exit; 60° 3 exit; 30° 3 exit; 45° 3 exit; 60° 3 exit; 22.5° radial 4 exit; 35/76° 

Ø 0.20mm (0.008)

975xx401 975xx501 975xx601 975xx701 975xx801   976xx001 976xx101   976xx301

Ø 0.25mm (0.010)

    975xx602 975xx702 975xx802   976xx002     976xx302

Ø 0.30mm (0.012)

975xx402 975xx502   972xx703 975xx803 975xx901 976xx003 976xx103 976xx201 976xx303

Ø 0.35mm (0.014)

975xx403     975xx704   975xx902 976xx004   976xx202 973xx304

Ø 0.40mm (0.016)

974xx404 975xx503   975xx705 975xx805 975xx903 976xx005 976xx105 973xx203 976xx305

Ø 0.45mm (0.018)

      975xx706     976xx006   976xx204 976xx306

Ø 0.50mm (0.020)

974xx405 975xx504   975xx707 975xx807 975xx904 976xx007 976xx107 976xx205 976xx307