Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses

The hot melt hoses primary function is to carry the molten hot melt adhesive from the melting location to the dispensing location. These hoses are wound with a heat wire that heats the core and allows the adhesive to be pumped through with relative ease. The hose temperature is controlled and regulated by the melt tank or unloader. 

Ample diameter and length ranges

Valco Melton offer a wide range of hot melt hoses with better market adaptability due to their advanced design.

  • flexibility
  • interchangeability
  • versatility & dependability for all applications
  • proven design & quality guaranteed
  • long lasting design to remain "char" free
  • "Nomex" insulation for the insulation and temperature stability in the industry 

The standard hoses used with all Valco Melton equipment are compatible with Nordson 2300/300 series, Problue and Durablue.

All Valco Melton hoses are built using the best materials available. Each hose is wound with Nomex insulation providing the best insulation and energy efficient performance. All standard hoses use a 3/8” ID core with high flex capability. There are several types of hoses available.

The washdown hoses use a different connection on the applicator end of the hose. These use an Amp connector that is sealed to keep water and moisture from entering the electrical connection. These hoses must be used with washdown applicators.

The Swirl/Spray hoses are similar to the standard hose but house an internally wound air line that heats the air used in swirl applications. The tubing protrudes through both ends of the hose. Typically the tubing on the unit end is connected to an air regulator and the tubing on the applicator end is connected to either a swirl handgun or automatic applicator.

The In's & Out's of our hot melt hoses

 Ins & Outs of hot melt hoses