DD-1 Pump

DD-1 Pump

Valco Cincinnati's Model DD-1 diaphragm pump is automatically reserved by low-voltage, solid-state electronics. Many diaphragm pumps use air-powered mechanical devices, which reverse the pump stroke. These reversing mechanisms can "hang-up" and stall the pump when operated at low air pressure or when cycling at slow speeds.

To overcome these limitations, common diaphragm pumps must be operated at air pressures high enough to ensure stroke reversal. For most applications, this results in an expensive waste of compressed air. In addition mechanical reversing devices wear out, resulting in frequent downtime for maintenance and rebuilding.

Valco Cincinnati's diaphragm pump represents an innovative breakthrough in pump design. The electronic reversing control is extremely reliable and is not affected by normal wear characteristics of mechanical devices.

  • Teflon® diaphragms standard
  • Can be cycled very slowly or operated at very low air pressure without stalling or hanging up
  • Light weight polypropylene construction
  • Modular for fast, simple in-line service

DD-1 Pump Manual