ValcoMelton Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment

We offer the comprehensive range of Valco Melton's specialised adhesive dispensing equipment designed for the carton manufacturing, packaging, paper converting, woodworking, bookbinding and automotive industries.

From simple hand-operated gluers to sophisticated microprocessor controlled systems, Valco Melton offers the most extensive selection of hot melt and cold gluing equipment available from any single supplier.


We provide a large selection of hot melt systems as well as hoses, pumps, nozzles, guns, etc is available for your specific application needs. Work with our experienced consultants to customise a system that is just right for your business and reap the reward of improved efficiency and production.

We also offer hot melt systems for rent, providing you with a flexible, current and inexpensive option. Refer to our Rentals page for more information.

 Hot Melt Units


Gun Assemblies