The main purpose of a control is to ensure the application of precise adhesive patterns at all machine speeds, irrespective of the type of glue pattern eg: continuous, pattern, stitching etc. It also provides the ability to control multiple glue valves simultaneously as well different types of electric and pneumatic valves depending upon the application. With a built in electronic pressure control (transducer), it can accurately control the amount of adhesive applied at varying speeds.

Valco Melton offers electronic controls and valve drivers for simple or complex glue patterns. The range extends from compact controls with push-switch data entry to microprocessor-based controls with touch screen programming. Controls feature front panel status indicators for fast system troubleshooting. Integral pressure control ensures consistent glue-volume output. The newest controls support jam prevention and glue pattern inspection. To learn more, contact us today.


MCP-4J Control


 MCP-6 Control

  • 4 channel operation with 8 programmable patterns per channel
  • graphical LCD display
  • front panel indicators monitor system function
  • password protection for key system parameters
  • valve output customised to high performance Valco electrical valves
  • 6 programmable 24 VDC outputs & 4 inputs available
  • Internally mounted boards and components
  • Use in either time-based or speed-based mode
  • Supported with an adhesive reduction stitch mode
  • Works at a maximum speed of 240 m/min (800 ft/min)
  • Job storage for up to 99 programs

MCP-8 Control/MCP-8I


OT120/VCX Control


  • 8 channel output with multiple glue patterns
  • program changes can be made 'on-the-fly'
  • ideally suited for specialty folder-gluers and complex folding carton production
  • PCM Pattern control module, 4 valves, 4 scanners, with or without internal EPC (offers external EPC connection
  • ICM Inspection control module, 4 inspection boards slots, 1 marking output
  • TCM Tracking control module (installed in slot 4 only), used to control outputs such as a precision marking system, kicker, ejector and flipper, includes CDS code reader connection.