KUBE Melton-On-Demand Hot Melt Unit

The KUBE is a compact, melt-on-demand hot melt unit. Featuring an integrated auto-feed supply system, the KUBE
offers hands-free system operation for nearly any low to medium volume requirement. Suited for most common
packaging applications the KUBE is a modular design that allows it to be configured to any specific install need.

  • Energy efficient - melt only as needed
  • Clean - reduced adhesive char
  • Industry standard compatible
  • Up to 6 hoses/guns
  • User-friendly... easily connects to existing PLC or optional integrated control system

KUBE Melton-On-Demand Hot Melt Unit

KUBE System Specifications

Melting Capacity: 8 - 12kg/hr (17.6-26.4 lbs/hr)
Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 1100Psi (80 Bar)
Pumping Capacity: 35kg/hr (77lbs/hr
Max. Viscosity: 30.000 cps
Electrial Power: 2000W
Max. Temperature: 204°C (425°F)
Max. Rate: 275kg/hr (600lbs/hr)
Estimated Air Consumption: 120L/min


KUBE System Dimensions


Panel Style


Compact Style


Split Style

   KUBE Melter - Panel Style    KUBE Melter - Compact Style    KUBE Melter - Split


450mm (17.7in)   580mm (22.9in)   450mm (17.7in)


770mm (30.3in)   280mm (11in)   380+480mm (15+18.9in)


250mm (9.9in)   550mm (21.7in)   250mm (9.9in)