MS Gun Assembly


The MS Gun series are the standard applicators used in most packaging applications.  The MS Guns are “air open and spring closed” and use the H-200 style gun modules.  These applicators should be used with general packaging grade adhesive at temperatures from 93°C(200°F) up to 190°C(375°F). 

These guns are compatible with Nordson BCS Classic Blue and Solid Blue A gun series as well as the older H-200 series.  The MS Guns can be configured in various spacing configurations and have 3 available fluid ports on each gun to allow for maximum versatility when installing on the production machine.


Each MS Gun is configured with a 220-240VAC heater cartridge.  The wattages vary depending on the size of each manifold.  The standard heater OD is ½”.


The MS Guns come standard with a clamp for ½” round bar or hex bar stock.  There are 3/8”round bar bracket clamps available and can be purchased separately.  If additional brackets are required, please see the brackets section of the Valco Melton catalog.

Air Activation

They require compressed air at a pressure of at least 60PSI to lift the needle off of the seat which allows the adhesive to flow through the valve and onto the product.  Gun configurations having 4 or more modules will require greater a higher volume of air as well as a higher pressure base no less than 80PSI.  For any applicator with more than 4 modules, it’s recommended that 3/8” or 10mm air line is used to supply the compressed air.  All air ports are 1/8” NPT.  The MS Guns also offer various activation configurations for independent air porting.  Most independent air configurations are fitted with QD fittings to allow for easy installation.

2 module MS gun assembly

 3 module MS gun assembly

 4 module MS gun assembly