EC Series Hot Melt Units


The Application

The Evolution C Series technology is the newest innovation for hot melt adhesive melters. The design is a culmination of features that were specifically crafted to meet the most current needs communicated by hot melt unit users worldwide. A new user-friendly control panel supports a quick and easy configuration to adapt to any work requirement. Valco Melton's new EC Series hot melt adhesive unit offers optimum reliability and total control of the unit's operation. Supported by the most current features and technology, the Valco Melton EC series unit easily takes recognition as the best in its class in performance.

Competitive Analysis

The EC series tanks are comparable and compatible with the Nordson 2300 and 3000 series. All hoses, guns, pumps, filters are interchangeable. The EC series can be used in place of the Nordson Problue units.

Adhesive Requirements

EVA packaging adhesives and PSA pressure sensitive adhesives.

System Features

Temperature Control: The EC series uses a microprocessor temperature control that utilizes pulsating temperature regulation. This technology provides accurate and uniform heating of temperature zones to +-3° through the RTD located in each electrical component.

Programmable Settings: The microprocessor control on the EC series units has the ability to receive customer input as well as provide output signals such as system ready and pump ready. These can be used to provide glue system ready and alarm/fault indication.

7 Day Clock: The EC series has a built in programmable clock that automatically controls the on/off and setback options for up to 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week. This allows the customer to control the glue system per their production requirements.

Visual Fault Display: If a fault occurs with the melt tank or any peripheral component a “RED” led will light on the control screen alerting the operator of a fault.

Temperature Setback: The EC series has the ability to program temperature setback times as well as “one-touch” temperature setback. This gives the customer to ability to configure a lower temperature for the glue system while the system is not in use which keeps the adhesive fresh and reduces the possibility of char forming inside the glue system due to long periods of stagnation and high temperature.