Autofeed Systems

The Application

The Valco Melton (AFS) Auto Fill System is an economical addition to any hot melt system. The AFS is a self contained and controlled system that controls the level of hot melt adhesive in your melt tank without intervention from an line operator or maintenance staff.

Power Requirements

All AFS systems operate on 110-120 VAC or 220-240VAC and can be tied into the existing power supply to the melt unit. A 3ft power cord is supplied with each AFS system.

Adhesive Requirements

The AFS can accept adhesive chips up to 5/8" square. The system is not capable of feeding pillow form adhesive.


System Features

Included: The AFS features a venture vacuum that pulls the “chip” adhesive from an adhesive bin, through a feed tube and into the hot melt reservoir. Each AFS contains two key components.  

The Lid Assembly features an all inclusive package that is designed for simple and easy installation onto any existing or new hot melt system. The Lid Assembly includes a small electrical enclosure that houses a level potentiometer, audible alarm beacon and on/off switch. The Lid Assembly also includes the inlet tube that inputs the adhesive into the reservoir while venting the vacuum air through an air filter.  

The Feed Tube/Wand Assembly includes an aluminum wand that creates a vacuum which pulls the adhesive from up to 10 meters away. The wand includes a vibrator motor that keeps the adhesive chips loose and free to flow through the feed tube and into the adhesive reservoir. If more than 10 meters of tube is required there is a vacuum repeater that can be installed to increase the adhesive travel distance up to a maximum distance of 30 meters. This must be ordered separately and can be installed at the customer facility.  

Optional: There is an optional Cool Bin adhesive receptacle that holds approximately 150lbs of chip adhesive. This bin is not part of the standard AFS system and must be ordered separately.