Valco Melton's EcoStitch™ MX gun assembly


Valco Melton's EcoStitch™ all electric glue system is the total solution for hot melt adhesive users.

The EcoStitch™ electric valves operate at extremely high speeds, reaching 15,000 cycles per minute for short durations, and have a lifetime capable of up to 1 billion cycles, depending on operating conditions. 

This system removes all compressed air from the hot melt system. The electric design virtually eliminates all parts usage including frequent nozzle changes. The low pressure/large orifice capabilities eliminate nozzle plugging and allow the use of precision dots for adhesive beads that significantly reduce your adhesive usage without increasing wear on components.

Adhesive char is no longer a factor as the EcoStitch™ gun features an internal filter cartridge and flow through design allowing large particles or debris to easily clear the seating area inside the gun. The electric gear pump operates only when the parent machine is in operation and features a demand melt grid that can be customized by the customer depending on their application. Each system features an integrated Auto Feed system allowing the operator to focus on the product output.


Reduce adhesive usage by 40-70%

The EcoStitch™ electronically controls the adhesive volume and weight with such precision and accuracy that adhesive usage can be reduced by up to 70%. The EcoStich™ Dots provide more bonding surface area and more independent bonds with focused fiber penetration as, when compressed, the dots expand in 360-degrees.  

EcoStitch when applied; independent dots                  


                    EcoStitch after compression; independent bonds


Longer valve life

Can reach in excess of 1 billion cycles depending on operating conditions, almost 20 times that of a standard pneumatic valve.  

Increase production uptime

EcoStitch™ technology eliminates nozzle plugging and associated maintenance by using larger orifice nozzles and lower pressure to dispense adhesive.  

Eliminate consumable parts & downtime

Compare to pneumatic pumps and valves, electric systems require almost 90% few seals and spare parts to run, minimizing the chance of valve failure as well as downtime associated with repairs. The EcoStitch™ MX electric valve has zero dynamic seals as opposed to the 26-54 dynamic seals present in the equivalent pneumatic system.  

Minimise spare parts stock

With fewer moving parts virtually eliminating the chances of failure, the spare parts stock is reduced to a minimum, resulting in lower investment, storage costs and downtime associated with the replacement of parts.  

Improve package strength and quality

Guarantee better bond integrity and achieve strong fiber tear with precise, high-speed dot placement. The EcoStitch™ MX electric valve can reach up to 15,000 cycles per minute, activating in as little as 2 milliseconds and producing dots as small as 1mm in diameter.  

The EcoStitch™ applicators can handle any packaging style adhesive, including EVA, Metalocene, PSA, Polyethelyne or APAO, ranging up to 7,000cps.

Valco Melton’s all electric system is a revolution in adhesive application. The technology, science and materials used are combined into a system that will change the way you use adhesives and glue your products. The solution uses customer experience, facts, adhesive savings and parent machine integration to provide the first truly “operator and maintenance free” hot melt adhesive application system


EcoStitch™ applies precision dots of adhesive

in place of traditional lines or shot line stitch.