EPP-6 electronically controlled piston pump

Electronically-controlled 6:1 Ratio Piston Pump

For Ease and Endurance

Valco Cincinnati's Model EPP-6 piston pump is automatically reversed by low-voltage, solid-state electronics. The EPP-6 features an electronic reversing control that is extremely reliable and not affected by  normal wear characteristics of mechanical devices. Because of its design, the pump cannot stall. When used with intermittent output applications, the pump will stop, then immediately restart as the system requires.

VALCO's EPP-6 piston pump offers:

  • Pressure limited versions for use with lower pressure pumping systems
  • Can be cycled very slowly or operated at reduced air pressure without stalling or hanging up
  • Compact, lightweight construction
  • Optional drum cover, pail lid, and wall-mount kits
  • Reliable, solid state electronic levering control

Simple and Reliable

Valco Cincinnati's piston pumps are engineered to keep downtime at a minimum. The unique, solid-state reversing control is far more reliable and less complex than the air-motor-driven mechanisms common to other piston pumps. 

Less Maintenance

Valco's innovative dry fluid-seal design last for longer between rebuilds than other piston pumps. Long lasting seals man efficient, trouble-free operation and no need for seal lubrication. The pump can interface with other controls or data systems to provide automatic usage readout, metered outputs, and automatic control level.