540 Series High Pressure, High Flow Electric Valve

Specialty folder gluers with heavier adhesive and multiple lines , the 540 series glue valves feature advanced solenoid technology for short glue patterns at high machine speeds with single or multi-orifice nozzles. They also feature an adjustable flow rate for precise glue volume control. Unique to the 540 series is the ability to easily convert between non-contact and contact glue patterns with multiple beads per valve.

Combine speed, small size and dotting capability with high flow rate to create a valve suitable for both non-contact and contact applications. Include Valco Melton’s BoardRunner® technology from the corrugated industry, the 540 Valve and bracket combination for the perfect solution for specialty folder gluers. With a large range of system solution options, Valco Melton gives your system ultimate flexibility.



PDF.png 540 Series Cold Glue Valve Brochure   PDF.png 540 Series Cold Glue Valve Technical Data Sheet    ValcoMelton logo.jpg