524 Series High Speed, High Pressure Electric Valve

For high speed, single bead applications such as folding carton, the Valco Melton 524 series valves for single and multi-orifice nozzles set a new standard for high speed gluing. Each valve comes with a built-in purge switch and rear-adjust. This series has a high flow rate, dispenses viscosities up to 4,500 mPas, is suitable for high-speed patterns or dotting, and can handle high glue pressures up to 500 psi (35 bar).

Combine speed, small size and dotting capability with high flow rate to create a valve suitable for both non-contact and contact applications. Include Valco Melton’s BoardRunner® technology from the corrugated industry, the 524 Valve and bracket combination for the perfect solution for high-speed folder-gluers. With a large range of system solution options, Valco Melton gives your system ultimate flexibility.

Valve available in multiple configurations, contact and non-contact.



PDF.png 524 Series Cold Glue Valve Brochure   PDF.png 524 Series Cold Glue Valve Model EZT Technical Data Sheet          ValcoMelton logo.jpg