MCP-4J Control

The Valco Melton MCP-4J represents the next generation of glue system pattern controls. The MCP-4J can be used with an extensive selection of Valco Melton’s cold-glue or hot melt adhesive dispensing valves including high-speed non-contact, spot gluing, fine-line gluing, and ribbon-pattern gluing. Suited to a range of applications from simple packaging requirements to complex high-speed converting requirements such as folding carton production, envelope manufacturing, book and magazine production, bag-making, and corrugated box-making.

Based on the MCP-4, long considered an industry standard, the new MCP-4J includes a 4-station jam prevention feature.The MCP-4J also offers the latest high-speed processor, USB and Micro SD ports for easy backups/data storage, a more durable magnetic overlay (touch panel).

The MCP-4J connects to the ClearVision camera inspection system to allow the user to control gluing and inspection on one screen.



PDF.png MCP-4J Control Brochure   Email us if you require a copy of the manual    ValcoMelton logo.jpg