3NCR Reversible Tri-Valve, Non-Contact Glue Station

The patent-pending 3NCR Tri-Valve non-contact reversible glue station has been engineered for maximum versatility. The glue station can be installed on drive side or operator side of the machine. The operator can quickly set it to run for top-down or bottom-up gluing with only the pull of a ring. No tools required.

The 3NCR Tri-Valve non-contact glue station offers ‘touch less’ control of glue patterns and a built-in tip sealer for perfect restarts. The improved tip-sealer design prevents nozzle plugging during periods of down time, and the tip sealer never crosses the product path, preventing debris build-up and product jams. The valves automatically return to operation position when production resumes (triggered by feed start signal).

The 3NCR Tri-Valve non-contact glue station features the Valco Melton 524 series, all-electric glue valves. The 524 series non-contact valves offer a ceramic seat and plunger tip for extended service life. The 3NCR glue station can provide staggered glue pattern starts to match lead tab-angle.



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